Biobasiert oder fossil?


Whether a plastic bottle, a synthetic fibre, an oil or a lipstick was made from fossil or renewable raw materials cannot be seen with the naked eye. Even the molecular structure and element composition do not tell us the origin of the raw materials.


The radiocarbon analysis alone (= 14C method or C-14 method) provides clarity as to whether and to what extent renewable or fossil raw materials were used in the manufacture of the products. LAB'NET offers you the highly sensitive AMS analysis (Accelerator Mass Spectrometry) is the best technology available for the exact determination of the proportion of renewable raw materials in your products. With the help of the AMS technique, we can also determine small fossil or biobased components in the sample. This method is far superior to the LSC (Liquid Scintillation Counting) technique often used.

Kunststoffgranulate in Reagenzgläsern
Blatt und chemische Formeln

Product studies (selection)


  • Plastics and composites
  • wrappers
  • propellants
  • Greases and oils
  • cosmetic products
  • Textiles and textile auxiliaries
  • Food and additives
  • Candle wax and lamp oils


You would like to use the biobased part of your product for advertising purposes?

We would be happy to develop an adapted quality assurance concept for monitoring your products. We inspect your goods during manufacture or delivery and verify the results on the part of the customer. We document the results and provide you with a meaningful certificate. Afterwards you may use the protected seal of LAB'NET GmbH to identify the examined products.

Through our independence and with our results we create the foundation for a healthy and growing relationship between customers and manufacturers.