emission factors

CO2-emission factors


Coal, crude oil and natural gas are increasingly being replaced by substitute fuels in large combustion plants. This not only saves fossil fuels, but also saves the wallets of the companies involved in emissions trading - and of course the climate - thanks to the regenerative biomass contained in substitute fuels.


With the radiocarbon method (= 14C method or C14 method) we offer you the method of choice for determining the biogenic carbon content in alternative fuels:


  • Detection of all carbon compounds also in the lower concentration range
  • Any material composition of solid and liquid fuel samples
  • The process can also be applied to residues and other matrices
  • High accuracy using AMS measurement technology
  • Application of DIN EN 15440 for the analysis of secondary fuels in the context of CO2emissions trading


For the calculation of the energy-related emission factors we additionally determine the parameters


  • dry residue
  • total carbon
  • calorific value


The quality of the results is of decisive importance!

Participation in the CO2- emissions trading affects the profit situation and the taxation of your company. Important decisions are made on the basis of the laboratory data that can have a lasting influence on the profitability of your company.

We are aware of this responsibility. The analyses are carried out in our partner laboratory accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Through regular analysis of various control samples, we check the accuracy of the results and the performance of the overall procedure. We are always convinced that all quality-relevant work steps are carried out.



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